What is Story Marketing?

Story Marketing. Content Marketing. Brand Journalism. Corporate Media. No matter what you call it, story marketing is a marketing technique in which writers use journalist-style storytelling techniques on behalf of a company to attract customers through relative and helpful information.  Since the beginning of time humans have told stories to spread emotion, stay connected and relay information. Story marketing is all about storytelling through Search Engine Optimized blog posts allowing potential clients to find you through blog posts, social media and search engines. Once found, story marketing will help your company to continually build a strong relationship with your audience.  

Why is Story Marketing important for my business? 

Story Marketing is good for your bottom line because it:

  1. Increases customer loyalty
  2. Decreases advertising costs
  3. Increases sales

Content is  key to driving traffic to your website.  Once your company builds great SEO content, your website will be found in searches. It also supports digital marketing channels by provides content for social media marketing campaigns.