In 2001 I started my career as newspaper journalist in Denver. Since then I have traveled the world telling stories about the human experience, great outdoor adventures and the best in food, wine and relaxation.  My work has appeared in Slate Magazine, Roads and Kingdoms, Houston ChroniclePaste Magazine, All About Beer Magazine, Hidden Compass, Austin Monthly and Texas Lifestyle Magazine. I enjoy finding the human stories that connect us all, whether it is my home state of Texas, my favorite travel destination in Latin America or anywhere in between.


Seven Fifty Daily, July 2018 

Out on the high plains of West Texas, cotton is king. Five million acres of cotton fields sit.... Read More



Houston Chronicle, June 2018

In the High Plains of West Texas, trucks drive past cotton fields, leaving behind a billowing cloud of red dust in their wake. Read More. 


Slate Magazine December 4, 2017

The tiny mining town of Nipton is trying to transform itself once again: this time, into a marijuana destination nonpareil. Read More


Hidden Compass August 2017 

When the bar owner placed the lukewarm glass of cloudy, phlegm-colored beer in front of me, I could tell the description “it’s an acquired taste” would be an understatement. Read More

Casa Marianella Shelter Austin .jpg

EASTside Magazine, April 2018

If walls could talk, the walls of the bright orange house nestled at the end of a cul-de-sac in the shadows of East Austin’s newly constructed apartments would have endless tales of wars, persecution, and natural disasters. Read more. 

eve's garden bed and breakfast marathon .png

360 Magazine, April 2018

The skies over West Texas are the area number four of the seven best spots on Earth for stargazing making it the perfect place for an amateur photographer like myself to attempt to capture the Milky Way on film. 

weekend in roanoke

EASTside Magazine, April 2018

If you are the type of person who thinks the perfect vacation consists of outdoor adventure and great beer, Roanoke Virginia should be on your list. Read More. 

Chicago View of Skyline from Boat Tour 2.jpg

The Second City

EASTside Magazine February 2018

From world-class museums, a historic ballpark, comedy legends and tranquil gardens, there is nothing second-rate about the second city..... Read More

Rotterdam Patio at Fenix Food.jpg

A Weekend in Rotterdam 

EASTside Magazine October 2017

With its eye-catching modern architecture, flourishing art, dining scene, and picturesque views, Rotterdam is a perfect example of how a country’s lesser-known city is always worth exploring.

Read More. 

Canals of Amsterdam

Texas Lifestyle Magazine October 3, 2017

Nicknamed “Venice of the North,”  the history of Amsterdam is intimately connected to its 60 miles of canals flowing through the city. The Dutch first dug canals in the Middle Ages as a defense system, but as the city expanded the defense moats...READ MORE

best escape room austin.jpg

Escaping Reality

EASTside Magazine October 2017

Imagine you and your six friends are locked in an abandoned New York City subway station. You have one hour to find clues, solve a mystery and save the world from a madman. Your first order of business is to escape a shaking subway car. Read More. 


SevenFifty Daily September 11, 2017

Scoop by spiked scoop, small batch producers are leading the charge in a new nationwide trend: alcohol-infused ice cream. Read More

Dominican Luxury Hotel in Brussels

The Dominican: Luxury  Inside a 15th-Century Abbey

Azure Azure October 2017

Down an unassuming side street just a stone’s throw from one of Europe’s most beautiful city squares sits ... Read More


SevenFifty Daily July 2017

On a 60-acre farm west of Austin, Texas, where the metropolis gives way to the rolling Texas Hill Country, a black-and-white miniature Australian shepherd named Eleanor greets visitors to Jester King Brewery. Read More

All About Beer Magazine May 2017

Texas has no shortage of odd liquor laws. Texans have long had to deal with regulations that prohibit alcohol sales on Sunday, spawn hour-long beer runs in the middle of large dry counties and create a jigsaw puzzle of small “wet” and “dry” municipalities overlaying large urban areas. Read More. 

Peruvian Drinks: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Paste Magazine May 8, 2017

Situated on the Pacific coastline of South America, Peru has a rich cultural history that includes a time when the Incas ruled the largest pre-Columbus empire in the Americas; Read More. 

Fun on the Farm


EASTside Magazine October 12, 2016

Out on the farm, the weather dictates everything. Sometimes there is too much rain. Sometimes there is not enough rain. And sometimes ... Read More. 

Ann Arbor's Amazing Eats

Texas Lifestyle Magazine March 7, 2017

Ann Arbor, Michigan proves that some of the best travel destinations are also the best food destinations. The quaint college town 45 miles west of Detroit is home to more restaurants per capita...  Read More. 

Kayak Soo Locks

Canoe and Kayak October 27, 2017

The Great Lakes make up more than 20 percent of the world's fresh water by volume, providing a seemingly endless number of options for kayaking trips from... Read More. 


The Responsible Tourist Guide to Machu Picchu 

Wayward Post 

Peru’s biggest tourist draw is the fifteenth century lost Inca city in the clouds—Machu Picchu. This ancient city, thought to be the vacation palace... Read More. 

The Softer Side of Chicago 

Texas Lifestyle Magazine September 27, 2016

In the heart of the nation’s third largest city sits the Lincoln Park Conservatory, a tranquil repose from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Read More

Best Incan-Inspired Spa Services in Peru

North Scottsdale Lifestyle Magazine Dec. 27, 2017 

Peru’s majestic 16th-century Inca ruins are a reminder of the mystic civilization that once ruled over the rugged Andean peaks and lush Sacred Valley for centuries. Once the Spanish conquered South America, that civilization all but disappeared. Inca traditions, however, can still be found woven into aspects of Peruvian life, including the country’s most luxurious spa treatments. Read More.




Texas Lifestyle Magazine July 26, 2016

Hot Springs Arkansas is a popular tourist destination for visitors looking to hike, camp, shop and enjoy natural spring waters. Across the street from its natural hot springs, national park and bathhouses, however, linger remnants of the town’s sordid past.



Texas Lifestyle Magazine September 12, 2017

“Is the park open yet,” asked three-year-old Melissa turning from her mother to stare expectantly out the restaurant window to a motionless chair lift.