Published in All About Beer Magazine

Texas has no shortage of odd liquor laws. Texans have long had to deal with regulations that prohibit alcohol sales on Sunday, spawn hour-long beer runs in the middle of large dry counties and create a jigsaw puzzle of small “wet” and “dry” municipalities overlaying large urban areas. Growing up in Dallas, we learned at an early age what side of the street you can buy beer on and what side you cannot, or which suburbs were allowed to sell alcohol and which ones were not.

Those same cockamamy liquor laws, along with a handful of bad zoning laws, is how Dallas found itself at the beginning of 2011 as the largest city in the United States without a microbrewery. Knowing Dallas was ripe for a beer scene, a handful of beer enthusiasts rallied city hall to open up Dallas for beer production. Three breweries opened in 2011. Today Dallas has a thriving beer scene with almost 50 breweries in the metro area and no signs of slowing down. Read More