A Fresh Take at Texas’ Jester King Brewery

Published in Seven Fifty Daily

Averie Swanson got her start in the craft beer industry as a volunteer, and now she’s an innovating head brewer.

On a 60-acre farm west of Austin, Texas, where the metropolis gives way to the rolling Texas Hill Country, a black-and-white miniature Australian shepherd named Eleanor greets visitors to Jester King Brewery.

Not far behind her is Averie Swanson, who despite leaving the brewery the night before at 1:30 am, only to return less than six hours later, still has a full day ahead of her. “You have to excuse me if I ramble,” the brewer says. “I am running on fumes. I’ve had about three hours of sleep for the last few nights.”

On this spring day, Swanson is working on a collaboration farmhouse ale with brewers from the Russian brewery Victory Art Brew, waiting on an order of 8,500 pounds of raspberries for the brewery’s popular Atrial Rubicite, and conducting a video conference. Read More.