How To Rent Out Your Place on Airbnb

One of the reasons I am able to travel as much as I am is because every time I leave town I rent my place on Airbnb. I thought about doing this forever, but it took me a long time to take the leap and JUST DO IT. How hard is it going to be to sign up? What should I price it for? Are people going to touch my stuff? But once I did some research and started experimenting with it, I found it super easy and super profitable. Here is how you can start making money on Airbnb in five easy steps.

1. Sign Up For An Account

 Log on to Airbnb here and sign up for a hosting account. It is free and you can sign-up with your Facebook or email. Select ‘List Your Space”

2. Create A Calendar

 Do you want your listing to ‘Always’ show up or ‘Sometime’ show up. I choose ‘Sometime’ and set availability dates around my travel plans or big events in town when I know I can rent it out for a good price.


3. Decide On Pricing

Airbnb will suggest a price based on your listing as well as the trends in your local market. For those just starting, I would suggest listing your place below their suggestion just to get your first few rentals (and five-star reviews) under your belt. Once you get ten positive reviews, you will be labeled a Superhost. Superhost status means you will pop up earlier on home searches. At that point you can price your rental at or above Airbnb’s suggested rate. Or you can just turn on the Smart Pricing feature, which lets Airbnb automatically adjust the price based on changes in demand for listings like yours.

During the pricing phase, you can also select the length of stay. I have a two night minimum for my guests. If I am going to clean my house, it better be worth it!




4. Be Available

 Once you finish your listing, make sure you set up the notifications so you get a little ding every time someone wants to book with you or has questions. The sooner you respond will give them less time to look for another place. It also helps on your overall hosting score.


5. Put Your Hosting Hat On

At the end of the day, you are a host to visitors to your town. They have alot of option, other Airbnbs, fancy hotels, friend's guests rooms, so you want to stick out. It goes without saying that you need to clean like a mutha before your guests arrive. I also make sure I am stocked up on coffee and sugar. I usually ask them what type of creamer they want (soy-based or almond milk or carb-free or butter), because I am a total crazy woman until I have had my first cup of coffee and I love hosts that consider that. I also leave a six-pack of local beer in the fridge for them when they check in and a list of all the nearby coffee shops, bars, restaurant and activities. Again it is all about being a warm and inviting host.

I easily make my rent by just renting out my place for a few weekends a month. If I can do this, you can too! Sign up today and Happy Traveling!!