Volunteer Tourism in Nicaragua

 Every year more and more travelers are taking vacations not just to sightsee, but also to work in orphanages, teach English, install solar paneling or build houses. With more than 1.6 travelers, volunteer tourism is one of the fastest growing trends in travel today.

Being the second-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Nicaragua has plenty of opportunities to lend a helping hand before climbing Isla Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua or surfing in San Juan del Sur. 


nonprofit education nicaragua

Fabretto is a nonprofit in Nicaragua that empowers underserved children through nutrition and education in hopes to break the cycle of poverty. For over 60 years, Fabretto has been building relationships within Nicaraguan communities in order to provide a better future to the children in need. Today, the organization serves 18,000 children through work in eight Fabretto Education Centers and more than 250 local public schools.

Fabretto focuses on early stimulation for pregnant and new mothers, elementary education that offers tutoring and education classes, rural high school education that assist with traditional education and technical education based on sustainable agriculture, community development, and food security.


1    Do you have any volunteer opportunities for people who want to volunteer for a few day?    

We are open to working with volunteers who would like to be with us for a day. They could help complete a project at one of the centers or spend some time with the youth that we work with. It could be painting a classroom, tutoring some students, playing learning games and doing arts and crafts, the options are endless.

2.    Do you have any volunteer opportunities for people who want to volunteer for a few weeks up to a few months?

Our week-long service program involves organizing a group to come here for a week to complete a service project. These projects are directly based on the needs of the schools and centers that we work with, and could include building kitchens, bathrooms, classrooms, garden projects, or any other project the Center deems necessary to increase their support to the community. If a volunteer would like to spend a few months here, based on their skills they could work at a Center giving music classes, teaching English, tutoring, assist a teacher, or support our central office in marketing, development, child sponsorship, or operations.

3.   What special skills do you look for in a volunteer? We look for volunteers that speak at least some Spanish, are organized and helpful,

4. Do volunteers receive anything in return for their time/work? The volunteers that stay in Cusmapa or Managua would be able to live for free in the volunteer houses. If a volunteer is in a different location, they could  coordinate to stay with a host family. We work hard to support our volunteers whatever way we can.

5. If someone was traveling to Nicaragua, but didn’t have the time to volunteer could they bring donated supplies from the states? Yes. Our main office is in Managua, but we have education centers in Nueva Guinea, San Juan de Oriente, Esteli, Somoto, Ocotal, Las Sabanas, and Cusmapa. We are always in great need of any kind of school supplies, learning games, sports equipment or arts and crafts materials.

6. If someone has more questions, is there a person in your organization they should contact? The volunteer coordinator is Erika Coe, please feel free to contact her if you are interested in learning more about Fabretto and how you could get involved! Ecoe@fabretto.org.ni or volunteer@fabretto.org

For more information about Fabretto visit their website at https://fabretto.org