"We tell ourselves stories in order to live." - Joan Didion


Are you looking to work with someone who can attract visitors to your website with compelling writing? Are you looking for someone who can tell your story in an unforgettable way? If so, I can help you.

For fifteen years I have worked as a newspaper reporter, photographer, storyteller and content marketing writer.

I dig into the heart of the story to create game-changing content for top startups, travel companies and lifestyle brands.

Did you know one spectacular blog post, case study or ebook can attract leads that will bring you business for years to come?

Hire me as your freelance content marketer and let me start generating business for your company. Contact me today and let's talk! 

All photography provided by Jennifer Simonson


I work with the following industries: 


Do you want to use great storytelling to build relationship with your customers, increase sales and create customer loyalty in the tourism industry? I can help. 

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Lifestyle Brand

Are you trying to build not only a product or service, but also a lifestyle brand? Then you need authentic storytelling to build your community. Let me help! 

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Real Estate 

Did you know 90% of real estate leads are found online?Let me help your real estate website show up on the top of Google searches to help you grow your business. 

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Are you a winemaker looking to grow an audience or a homebrewer who is ready for the big leagues? Let me help you grow your business. 

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